Depressed…and NOT ASHAMED!

Yes, I’m depressed. Yes, I’m a Christian. NO, I’M NOT ASHAMED!

Precious Words

Has someone ever spoke just a few words to you that have made a HUGE impact on your life?

Unrestricted Access

Did you ever need to get somewhere but then you saw “THE SIGN”? You know, the sign that says, “authorized personnel only”? How do I know if I’m “authorized”?

Not The Finest Moment

Have you ever had that moment…the one that you felt so prepared for but when it comes time to “shine” you’re a little dull?


Have you ever gone through a time in your life and you feel like you’re simply trudging on? You’re going through the motions, day by day, simply to get through something? You know, surviving a situation but not thriving at all?

Then, all of the sudden…BAM!  God delivers!

Prepared and Productive

Being prepared requires being productive. And when you’re productive, you’re more prepared. Are you prepared for Christ’s return? Are you being productive for Him?