It’s not wrong to feel emotions. It’s what we do with our emotions that can get us into trouble.

How Not To Lose Heart

Do you ever get discouraged? Ever feel like all of your work is for naught, especially in the church? Ever want to just give up and be done with it? ME TOO!!


A man who did what he could with what he had where he was for the glory of God.


Have you ever felt forgotten by others? Have you ever felt forgotten by Jesus?

How To Win Over Worry

“I don’t have a care in the world,” so no one EVER who was being honest. We all worry. It’s part of our human nature. So how do we win over the enemy of worry?

The Invisible War

Do you ever feel like there’s an invisible war going on around you? Like everyone’s out to get you?

Good Intentions

We all have good intentions…but what about the follow through?