Disarming Doubt

Do you ever doubt God? I do. Here are some secrets about doubt and some ways to disarm it.


Are you like Gideon? You may have more in common than you think,

Don’t Forget NOT To Remember

Why is it that they things we want to remember we tend to forget, and the things we want to forget we tend to remember?


How many words do you speak a day?

Tempted and Tried

We all face temptation. It may look different for each of us, but it happens to ALL of us.

Each Piece Matters

Details. They fit together like pieces in a puzzle. And just like puzzle pieces, if you’re missing one detail, or piece, it can make a big difference.

What Are YOU Looking At?

What are you looking at? What has your attention? What are you occupied, or preoccupied, with?


I think we all go through times of loneliness in our lives. Some times are short, others last for a while. But, how do we handle loneliness?