LivingSimplyForGod is designed to share my thoughts, life lessons, tips, recipes, and more. The purpose of this blog is to help others live their lives in a more meaningful, God-glorifying manner. Some of the posts will be funny, some will be serious, some will be helpful, some will be inspiring…I guess you’ll just never know!

I am a simple small-town girl who is blessed beyond measure to be married to my best friend and the man of my dreams. We are partners in raising the amazing son God has blessed us with. We love to serve God by volunteering in our church, eating healthy, exercising, and being good stewards of our resources. I believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason for a season. He may then remove them so that we can minister to others or be ministered to by others.

We all go through various trials in our lives. Some of mine have been depression/anxiety, multiple miscarriages, cancer, and other health issues. I will try to share my insights on these issues and more and share what God has taught me as He has carried me through every step of my life in hopes that my words encourage others to persevere and trust Him.

My goal in life is to glorify God by living simply and simply living! This is my story.

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My family
Our blessed family