Growing Roots – Week 40

Growing Roots ~ Week 40


Did you realize that you can grow your roots deeper in Him when you count your blessings?

We sing the song “count your many blessings, name them one by one”, but do we actually follow through and count our blessings? In James 5, we are commanded to pray when suffering and REJOICE when happy…we are to pray and praise.

Undoubtedly, God gives us more blessings each day than we could ever count. But I think we often miss the opportunity to count the obvious ones, the ones He gives us in the response to our requests.

Let me give you some examples from a project I took on this weekend.

in progress 2When we moved into our house 10.5 years ago, we knew we wanted to do a lot of redecorating. Not necessarily remodeling, just changing color schemes and adding personal touches. We focused on the interior of the house and satisfied our desires. But one thing I’ve ALWAYS hated about our house was the color of the shutters and front door.  I’ve always wanted to change them, but Hubby never really seemed to be on board, so this was a project that had been put off…for YEARS!

A few weeks ago, I (**finally**) made a sign to hang on the front porch in order to display our house numbers, something else that had been needed FOR YEARS. Once the sign was hung, I casually mentioned to Hubby how great it would look if the shutters were painted. Much to my surprise, HE AGREED!  So we started planning…buying a ladder to reach the 2nd story attic shutters, picking out a paint color and purchasing it, researching how to clean and paint the shutters. We realized that the unseasonably warm weather we had been experiencing (highs in the mid-90s at the end of September/beginning of October is RARE where we live) was not conducive to painting, so we needed to delay our project a bit.

in progressThis weekend, the weather broke (highs only in the upper 80s) so we decided we would tackle this project. On Friday, we started to remove the shutters from the house, only to discover that one of the garage shutters and all (4) of the attic shutters were attached differently from the rest and were going to impossible to remove. So we decided to paint those when while they were attached to the house. Not a big deal, right?

Well, our attic is on the second story and Hubby is leery of heights which meant the task was up to me. As I climbed the extension ladder to the second story, I realized that a lot of things could go wrong. But I proceeded to clean the shutters on Friday morning, paint the first coat on Friday afternoon, and was able to put the second coat of paint on after our Saturday morning run.

attic shuttersThere are some obstacles or distractions that could have been extremely hazardous during this endeavor: wind, a curious 8 year old boy, the neighbor’s dogs whose leash system (as well as their poo) now extends into our yard , the whistle of the frequently passing freight train close by, and the roaring sirens of emergency vehicles that pass by our house regularly. All of these things could have yielded disastrous results while I was perched high on a ladder, not to mention the issue of dripping paint on siding lower down or accidentally painting the window or adjoining siding of the shutter.

As I climbed down the ladder for the 12th time, finally finished with this step of our project, I breathed a prayer of thanks. Throughout the entire process, there was only a slight breeze, my son was either at school or in the house, the neighbor’s dogs were in their house (a rare event), the train never went past, not one emergency vehicle sped past the house with blaring sirens, and NO paint got dripped!! As soon as we folded the ladder up, the neighbor’s dogs graced us with their yapping presence, the train whistle blew, a state police cruiser came blaring by, the wind gave a nice gust, and my son came bounding outside.

finishedI was counting my blessings!!

I knew these things were not coincidences. I knew God was answering my prayer for safety and success. I felt His presence as I was perched high above the ground, attempting to transform the appearance of our house.

Even when I painting the other 22 shutters on the ground, I praised Him for the nice weather with the cool breeze on Saturday that enabled me to get the first coat of paint on all of the shutters and the second coat on half of them after dinner before the sun set. I thanked Him for the blessing of a garage the helped me to get the second coat on the other half on Sunday afternoon as the much needed rain drizzled from the sky, rain that I had been praying for.

So, I praised Him.

We thanked Him multiple days during family prayer time during the day and at night. I praised Him during my personal quiet time. We discussed His care and protection throughout the weekend.

Have you praised God lately? Have you counted your blessings and thanked Him for answering your requests?

We can grow our roots deeper in Christ by recognizing the things He has done for us, through us, and in us. But it takes effort on our part. So, count your blessings, name them one by one. Thank Him. Praise Him. And grow your roots deeper in Him.

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Growing Roots wk 40



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