Growing Roots – Week 36

Growing Roots ~ Week 36


This word has come up in my life EVERY day this week, MULTIPLE times each day. When THAT happens, you KNOW that God is trying to tell you something.

So what do you do?

You surrender.

But what am I supposed to surrender?

ALL of it.

My body: not overeating to numb my emotions but seeking Him first.

My heart: allowing God to mold me into who He wants me to be without doubting Him.

My service: not making excuses for why God doesn’t really want to use me and remember that I am enough  because He is enough. (Little interjection/confession here: Y’all, I actually got JEALOUS about someone else’s ministry this week!! I got crazy envious when I saw that someone was mimicking my WOW group because I was worried that they were going to steal from MY ministry…until I came to the humbling realization that if it’s MY ministry, then it’s NO ministry. The various groups I’m involved in are GOD’s ministry, not mine…and I MUST remember this!!)

My family: letting God control where He leads us in His timing instead of making our own path.

God wants TOTAL surrender. He expects TOTAL surrender. If I’m holding on to just one area of my life and refusing to let Him have His way, then I’m not surrendering. I need to completely submit, immediately obey, and do it all with a good attitude. This is what I expect of my son, so why do I think God would expect any less from me?!?

But this is certainly not easy. Jealousy creeps in at every turn. I see my shortcomings  and don’t see how they can be beneficial in God’s kingdom . So I doubt and see only the stumbling blocks instead of the path God is laying before me.


What would happen if I completely surrender to God, obey His leading? What difference would it make in my life? What about the sacrifices I would have to make…the “things” that seem good and kingdom worthy? Have these “things” become idols in my life and now God is asking me to sacrifice them? If I surrender them and move out of His way, will He bless them even more?

This is what I’m struggling with. There are changes coming, my friends. Changes to this blog, changes to my ministry, changes in my family.

But it starts with ME.

It starts when I surrender to Him.

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Growing Roots wk 36

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