The Person God Uses

The Person God Uses

One of the most amazing and humbling truths of the Bible is that God uses fallen people like you and me to spread His Gospel. We can look at a myriad of people in the Bible and see this illustrated, but in Acts 9, we see Ananias and we see the type of a man (or woman) that God can use. Ananias is only mentioned twice in Scripture, but he had a huge impact on the spread of the Gospel.

So…what type of person does it take for God to use?

This person must be a member of the body of Christ. You must be a Christian. God identifies Himself with His own people. He works through the members of His body, the church.

This person may be a very unlikely person. Examples of this type of people would be Gideon (Judges 6), Naaman (2 Kings 5), and Ananias (Acts 9). Ananias was not a leader, but an ordinary person, a disciple of Jesus. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He wants to use YOU the way that you are. God wants to use a humble person.

The person God uses must be living in fellowship with Lord. God uses those who are consistent in living for Him…at church, at work, at home, at school, etc. This person must be devoted and highly respected.

The person God uses must be fully at God’s disposal. They must obey God in whatever He calls them to do without excuse and with a good attitude. When the Lord calls, this person says, “Here I am, Lord” and they obey. It is instant and complete obedience to God regardless of the approval of man.

The person God uses must be full of Christ-like affection. He lets God direct his emotions, actions, and words, just like Ananias did in Acts 9:17. When another Christian has harmed you, how do you respond? DO you address them as enemies or “brothers/sisters”? You don’t have to like them, but you do have to love them.

The person God uses must be well-informed in the Scriptures. We need to know how to take our Bible and point people to Jesus. In order to do that, we need to KNOW our Bible, not just read the words.

The person God uses must be able to lead others into blessings. We can’t lead others into blessings that we haven’t experienced ourselves. We can’t lead others where we haven’t been before.

So, as you ponder the fact that God uses fallen people to spread His Gospel, are you the person God can use?

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the person God uses

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