Growing Roots – Week 32

Growing Roots ~ Week 32

Courage. By definition, it means “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty”. Courage is a thing. It’s something you must possess in order to face surmountable odds.

We all need courage at some point of every day of our lives.

Courage will look different for each person each day.

Bubba started third grade this week. Most of his friends are in other homerooms, but he’s had the courage to make new friends. He also attended “testing” for TaeKwonDo this weekend where he was required to demonstrate all that he’s learned. This was a whole new experience for all of us and Bubba was excited to take on this new feat and he crushed it (although we won’t get the official results until next week).

ice cream 2Unfortunately, recent allergy testing revealed that I am allergic to bananas, something that has devastated me. I LOVE bananas in my superfood shakes , ice cream, sweet bread or muffins, cookies, or just plain. So this has been a HUGE adaptation for me. A friend challenged me to make ice cream out of cantaloupe a few weeks ago but I’ve been scared to try. I’ve been afraid to fail. I couldn’t find a recipe to mimic that didn’t use bananas. But I finally gathered up the gumption and made my own recipe…and it’s FANTASTIC!!

As I posted last week, I’m starting a new Bible study for the ladies in my church. I have felt extremely inadequate to start or lead this study. I wasn’t sure who would show up or what their reactions would be. But it was AMAZING!! There weren’t very many of us for the first meeting, but we are excited to see it grow!

I’ve also been doing a new Bible study…well, more like learning a new way to read and study the Bible. It’s called “Simply Color” and I’ll be doing a review on it in a few weeks. However, let me just say that this study has been LIFE CHANGING!  I am learning how to actually READ and STUDY my Bible, not just word call from God’s Word. This method of reading/studying the Bible is pairing up great with another book I’m reading and together strategies are challenging me and helping me to truly study the Bible.  Which is PERFECT timing as I lead this Bible study with my church ladies and prepare to teach the youth Sunday school class at my church (sans Hubby who is courageously taking on the young adult Sunday school class). My roots have grown so much deeper in Christ as I have truly been READING the Bible recently, not just decoding the words.

With all of these different feats that my family has experienced recently, we know we couldn’t have attempted them without courage. It would have been much easier and simpler to let someone else do and sit back to watch. But God has commanded us to be courageous…followed by the promise that He is with us and won’t leave us!!

What/Who else could inspire you to have courage?!?

Maybe you’re needing to develop that “moral strength” in your life as you head into a new school year, new church year, or simply a new week. Look to God!!

Maybe you know someone else who needs courage? Step in and encourage them!! Give them the strength they need to stand in the face of difficulty. Don’t forget that we are commanded to encourage others in the LORD as well as have courage ourselves!

As you gain courage and as you encourage others, your roots will grow deeper in Christ. As you are able to conquer life’s difficulties with the strength that only GOD can give you, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself! You’ll want to shout His praises on the mountaintops and you will develop the joy to face the next adversity because you’ll have HIS strength.

Oh sweet friends, I’m praying for you. I may not know you personally, but as I type these words, I’m beseeching God to give you the courage to face whatever difficulty life is throwing at you, trusting that you are growing your roots deeper in Christ as you conquer each situation.

Press on, my friends. HAVE COURAGE!

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Growing Roots wk 32

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