The Well-Furnished Christian Life

The Well-Furnished Christian Life

I thoroughly enjoy going to other people’s homes and admiring their decorations. That may be because I hate decorating my house. I can never figure out which furniture to place on which walls and how to hang accent pieces that are visually appealing.

But despite my insecurities in decorating my home, I’m convinced that are four pieces of furniture that every Christian should possess.

We all need a bed. This is a symbol of rest. Rest is a gift; it’s a discovery. As Christians, we need rest from sin, which we receive via the cross. We need rest from a conscience that would condemn us (see Acts 28:16). We need to forgive ourselves and we need to rest in God’s forgiveness. We need rest in the midst of all the unrest in the world such as fear and doubt. We need rest from the subtle attempts of the fresh to take supremacy in our lives and rest in God’s peace. We need to rest from the responsibility of service. There is a difference between working FOR God and letting God work THROUGH us. There is joy and fruitfulness when He works through us. God is the worker. My responsibility is to trust in Him and be obedient to God.

We also need a table. This is symbol of communion. We need constant fellowship with God as seen in the garden of Eden in Genesis. Daniel 11:32 says that those who know God will be strong. We know God by fellowshipping with Him and other believers. Joy comes from pure and unbroken fellowship with God. God doesn’t want just our service. He wants US ourselves. In Revelations 3;20, we see that God wants to be in the lives of CHRISTIANS!

Another essential piece of furniture is a stool or chair. This is a symbol of instruction. We need to study the Word of God. We need to SIT at the Savior’s feet and receive His instruction for Him to be able to use us (Deuteronomy 33:3, Mark 10:39). A “disciple” is a disciplined Christian whose passion is to do Jesus’ will. We can only do His will if we KNOW His will and we can only KNOW His will if He instructs us. Well disciplined people are happier people!

The last must-have piece of furniture is a candlestick. This is symbol of testimony. We are to give light. We are to be a light that shines and reveals Jesus to the world. John 8:12 tells us that Jesus is the light. Matthew 5:14 says that Jesus’ followers are to be the light. Philippians 2 tells us to let our lights shine before man so that they see the glory of God. So how can Jesus be the light and His followers be the light? He is IN us and shines THROUGH us.

So friends, as you decorate your beautiful houses with these pieces of furniture, let these four pieces remind you of our relationship with the Lord.

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