Book Review: “Idols of a Mother’s Heart”

Book Review:
Idols of a Mother’s Heart by Christina Fox

Sometimes, your friend recommends a book to you with the caveat of “This is such a hard book to read, I haven’t finished it yet; but you should read it!” and you decide to take on the challenge. When my friend recommended this book, I was determined to “show her up” and finish it.

The problem with my strategy, besides my pride, was that this book is so eye-opening and convicting that you can’t simply read through the words. Christina Fox did an AMAZING job of describing what idols are and how we, as mothers, have certain idols in our life, even if we are unaware to them.

Fox uses Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures to point us to God while pointing out various idols in our lives. While this book was written specifically to mothers and the idols we tend to cling to, I think this book is also relevant to women who aren’t mothers.

Fox starts the book by introducing the concept of idols in modern day America and what God thinks about idol worship. I loved how she always pointed us back to how God created us to worship something but that Something is HIM. She delicately shows us how we have replaced worship of the True God with idols in our lives. She gives a list of questions that are helpful to ask yourself to determine what idols you may have in your life.

In the second section of Idol of a Mother’s Heart, Fox describes five specific idols as they relate to mothers (children, achievement and success, comfort, control, and approval) and uses Scripture to show how these concepts were also idols in Biblical times. She gives specific examples of what these idols may look like and provides questions to ponder to help you determine if this idol is a threat in your life. But she doesn’t leave you hopeless as she points out specific Scriptures to help us overcome these obstacles and idols in our lives.

In the third section, Fox gives us hope for defeating these identified idols and help to turn from them and turn to Christ. I loved how Christina pointed out that it’s not enough to simply identify your idols, but you need to replace that idol worship with worshipping God. She offers practical strategies for doing this. She also points out how this is not a one-time event or evaluation in our lives. Identifying and replacing idols is something we, as Christians, need to do CONSTANTLY.

Each chapter closes with “Questions for a Mother’s Heart” to help you truly digest what you’ve just read and be able to apply it in your life. She also includes a “Prayer for a Mother’s Heart” to help direct the reader back to God.

This is definitely a book I recommend to ALL mothers and will be giving as gifts at baby showers.

**This is an independent book review. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for my individual opinions of this book.**

Idols of a Mother's heart review

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