The Blind World

The Blind World
2 Corinthians 4:4

Did you know that there are 161 million people in the world who are physically blind? There are 1.6 million people who are physically blind in the United States alone!  I had NO idea!

HOWEVER, there are A LOT more people in the world (most of the people in the world, in fact), who are spiritually blind.

In the famous song “Amazing Grace”, writer John Newton even comments about this condition. When he said “I once was blind but now I see”, he wasn’t talking about a physical blindness, but a spiritual blindness.

Fanny Crosby is another famous hymn writer. Did you know that she was born blind? Someone once asked her if she would change her condition, become seeing, if she were able. She replied that she wouldn’t. She was thankful to be born blind so that the first face she EVER saw would be Jesus!  AMEN!

When we think about the blindness in world, we need to consider the condition of the blindness, the cause of the blindness, and the consequences of the spiritual blindness that is prevalent in the world today.

In 2 Corinthians 4:4 we can see the condition of the spiritual blindness. The lost are in a lifeless condition. Luke tells us this in Luke 19:10. To be “lost” means to be “dead”. People are perishing, condemned, and they are separated from God. Life can only be found through Jesus Christ. They lost are also in a lightless condition. In the Bible, blindness was a metaphor for the spiritual inability to see God’s truth (Ephesians 4:18). Spiritual lifelessness leads to spiritual lightlessness. The lost can’t see that they NEED to be saved!

We can also see the cause of spiritual blindness in the world. People are spiritual blind because they are dominated by someone. Satan, “the god of this world”, has blinded the eyes of the lost. He BINDS them so they won’t OBEY the truth, and he BLINDS them so they can’t SEE the truth. Let me give you an illustration of this.

Do you know how Eskimos kill wolves? They take animal blood and freeze it on the blade of a knife. They dip the frozen bloody knife into more blood and freeze it again. They do this until there is layer after layer of frozen blood on the knife. Then they take the knife and stick the handle in the snow so that only the blade is exposed. The wolves smell the blood on the blade and are attracted to it. They come over and lick and lick the blood. The more blood they lick, the more they want, so they lick harder and harder. Eventually they lick all of the frozen blood off of the knife but they don’t know that they’ve consumed the frozen blood. Why? Because as they licked the last of the frozen blood on the blade, the blade has cut their tongue and now they are licking their own blood. They crave the blood so much, they kill themselves trying to get it. They don’t recognize that it’s their own blood.

That’s how Satan binds (enslaves) and blinds us. He shows us things that will bring us pleasure and happiness, but it’s usually those very same things that lead to our spiritual (and sometimes physical) death.

Another reason the world is spiritually blind is because they are deprived of something.go to church They are lacking Jesus Christ as Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 4:3. Satan delights in the hiding of Gospel, especially in churches. Christians are supposed to expose the world to their blindness, but instead, they’re hiding and even encouraging it. How? Christians hide the Gospel when it is not seen in the lives of professing Christians. We hide it from our children when we say we don’t have time for God. I found this illustration and thought it was perfect! Christians contribute to the spiritual blindness of the world by not being active and useful for Jesus.

Unfortunately, there are consequences of spiritual blindness. They will continue in their unbelieving condition. John 3:36 tells us that to be saved, you just have to BELIEVE. We only need childlike faith to become a Christian. Ephesians 2:8 tells us that it’s through GRACE that you have been saved. It’s not hard to obtain, but if you’re spiritually blind, you have no idea how to get it. Another consequence is that they will remain in an unprepared condition. When they stand before Jesus on judgement day, He WILL say to them, “Depart from me…I never knew you.” They won’t be prepared for judgement and will spend eternity in Hell.

How is your vision today? Are you “seeing” or are you “blind”?

Can you sing with John Newton and say “I once was blind but now I see?”

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the blind world

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