Growing Roots – Week 26

Growing Roots ~ Week 26

It’s hard to believe that we are HALFWAY through 2019. It’s been exciting to see how my roots have grown in Christ this year, but it’s also overwhelming to see how far I still have to go. That’s the thing about roots: there needs to be CONTINUOUS growth throughout the lifetime of the plant.

This week, I’ve learned a lot about compromising. You see, we come across hard times in life. Many times, we struggle along or watch others struggle and we think there’s nothing we can do to ease our load or theirs. Sometimes this is true, but often times it’s not.

During the summer time, my son has to “earn” his screen time. He has to do his chores, get ready for the day and complete two out of four tasks in order to earn one (25-30 minute) show. His task options include: reading for 20 minutes, practicing piano, handwriting/journaling, math fluency/worksheet. Each summer, the tasks become slightly more difficult, but that is to ensure he is spending the same time on each task.

This week, Bubba was working on his math worksheets. He had completed his math fluency for the day (25 multiplication problems, 12 addition problems, 13 subtraction problems) and was working on his workbook pages. I realized this was taking an INCREDIBLY long time, mostly due to his attitude. I KNEW the material was not too difficult for him, although it is a third grade workbook (he just completed second grade). Upon further investigation, I discovered he really didn’t know how to do the work but didn’t want to ask for help. I also saw that the amount of workspace available in the book was far too small for him to be able to do a good job.

I decided a compromise was in order.

We decided that he would still complete ALL of the problems in the book, BUT we would rewrite them onto our marker table (a whiteboard top that is glued onto an old table and cut to fit) and then write the answers in the workbook. This ensured that Bubba had enough room to work the problems without being crowded. At first he only wanted to do half of the sheet, but since this new method proved to be much easier, we were able to finish the ENTIRE page in HALF the time it took him to do the previous page.

Because I took the time, investigated the situation, proposed a compromise, added my presence and attention to this issue, Bubba became very successful that day and the following days. I could have been stubborn and uncaring and forced Bubba to “figure it out” on his own, adding to his mounting frustration, but I didn’t. It took more time and effort on my part, but our compromise resulted in greater comprehension and a MUCH better attitude which make our whole day better.

Another area of my life that I’ve experienced compromise this week is my fitness. You see, something has happened to my left leg, causing it to swell and produce weird red patches. We’re not sure exactly what is causing this to happen, but we are eliminating options through various tests. However, since we don’t know what it is, my doctor has told me to that I’m not supposed to run or jump at all and to limit impactful activities. We compromised by agreeing that biking was ok (as long as it’s not vigorous) and using the elliptical machine would be excellent for cardio. While this is not what I want to do each day because I’d rather be running with Bubba or trying new fitness programs, this is what is best for me for right now. So, I compromise.

Sometimes compromise is ok. Sometimes it’s not. I will NOT compromise on the things of God. I will NOT compromise my time with Jesus, my standards, my expectations, or my beliefs. I will NOT compromise my rights, my duties, or my convictions. However, I WILL compromise on the methods of delivery and timing. When I choose to listen to WHY someone thinks or believes or acts a certain way, I’m much more likely to accept it and compromise in order to work with them.

I’m reminded of the many times in the Bible when God had warned His people (especially the kings) to repent of their way or He would bring destruction. Many times, the king did repent after some type of adversity and God withheld His hand. He compromised because they repented with the caveat of bringing the punishment to future generations. He does the same with me…and YOU!!!

Compromise can be good. Just be careful you don’t compromise TOO MUCH and lose the promises that God has given to you. Don’t compromise your roots…or you may wilt and die.

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Growing Roots wk 26

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