Book Review: “Wrinkly Brinkly”

Book Review:
Wrinkly Brinkly
by Grandpa Jimmy (aka Jim Ertel)

Every once in a while, you come across a book that you’re not sure about, but you decide to read it anyways. And when you start, you CAN’T PUT IT DOWN!  That’s how it was with Wrinkly Brinkly. This is a delightful book, written for 8-12 year olds, that teaches a variety of character traits throughout the entire story.

Wrinkly Brinkly is a beaver who tells the story of how he become the unexpected leader of his colony, including kits Bump and Willow. Having started out life being tormented by his peers about his looks, Wrinkly found himself isolated and alone, except for his one friend, Gavi. Wrinkly used his isolation to learn more about the animals surrounding him and became like a hunter or stalker. He learned to watch his prey while hidden, observing their patterns and behaviors. As he grew more courageous, he observed more dangerous animals, until he finally met his match: the infamous Black Ghost.

In the story, Wrinkly Brinkly has never told his story to anyone and has always said he would tell “when the time was right”. As Wrinkly recalls his story and the impending fate of his friend, Gavi, you are captivated by his story telling and you WON’T want to put the book down. The introduction and interaction with The Spirit of the Forest is captivating and inspiring.

Wrinkly’s story is filled with twists and turns, anticipation and dread, sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. Woven through this magnificent story is the of God’s grace, love, and redemption. In fact, the story of salvation, including the fall of Satan, is delicately portrayed in a fascinating manner, challenging believers and nonbelievers alike.

My seven-year old son loved this book and fussed every time I had to FORCE him to put it down (bedtimes and being on time for appointments are important, you know)!! He keeps asking if we can get more books by Grandpa Jimmy and is wondering what will happen to Brinkly, Bump, Willow, and the others. With minimal prompting, he was able to determine spiritual references throughout the book, allowing for great conversations.

If you’re looking for an age-appropriate page-turner for your elementary or middle school child, I HIGHLY recommend Wrinkly Brinkly by Grandpa Jimmy (aka Jim Ertel). I can only hope this book will be the start of a thrilling series for kids.

**This is an independent book review. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for my individual opinions.**


Wrinkly Brinkly Review

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