Growing Roots – Week 23

Growing Roots ~ Week 23

At the beginning of the week, we had a lot of dry weather. The grass was dying, the gardens were withering or required extra watering, and the days were hot. But toward the end of the week, the weather changed. The temperatures moderated and the rain began to fall. As it continues to fall, you can see the changes it has produced: the grass is green again and needs to be mowed; the garden doesn’t need to be watered and producing an abundant harvest; it is pleasant to go for a run even if the sun has already risen.

My spiritual life has felt a lot like the weather this week. Early in the week, I was dry. I felt like I was spent, giving all of my time, heart, and energy to other people, leaving me burnt out and needy. As the week progressed, I experienced showers of blessings. Some were pleasant and refreshing, like playdates with a friend who encourages me in my faith while sharing her journey with me, or sweet fellowship with other moms in the community while our children were being nurtured at VBS. Some of these showers rolled in more like thunderstorms: somewhat unexpected, rough at times, bring floods of emotions.

As I sit and type this, I have mixed feelings. While I would love for the storms to stop and for life to be peaceful again, I’m also grateful for these storms because they have really helped me to grow in my spiritual walk. As the torrents of life crashed against me, I felt myself clinging to Jesus and offering up prayers throughout my day. I noticed that I looked for the positive aspects of these experiences while in the midst of them. I’ve learned to reach out to others, being open, honest, and vulnerable while readily seeking and heeding their advice about various situations in my life. I’ve seen the bountiful harvest that can results from these times of rain and the nourishment they can provide.

I’m not sure what the climate is like in your spiritual walk, whether you’re in a dry season or being flooded out. But what I DO know is that God is in ALL of the seasons of our life. He knows what we need when we need it and He is always faithful to provide for us. We just need to trust Him, look for how He is working in various ways, and be quick to give Him thanks for ALL situations in our life.

How are your roots growing today?

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Growing Roots wk 23


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