Clean and Healthy GAME DAY Recipes!!

The SUPERBOWL is this weekend, and while my team (GO, STEELERS) decided to let other teams have a chance to win and won’t be making an appearance, we all know that the Superbowl is about more than just FOOTBALL…it’s about the commercials and the FOOD!!!

If you set a goal at the beginning of the year to eat healthier, add more veggies, cut carbs, and eat more controlled portions, you may be feeling a bit defeated heading into Superbowl weekend…BUT DON’T DESPAIR!

There are plenty of yummy, healthy, and even nutritious recipes available for GAME DAY! Here are some of my favorite. I’ve put them into 4 basic categories: sweets, appetizers, crock pot, and pizza. Most of these recipes are CLEAN so there is NO REASON to feel guilty about “indulging”. Stick to practical portion sizes and drink lots of water, and you’re all set to enjoy the game with friends and family!


Avocado Chocolate Pudding – This recipe is an excellent way to enjoy chocolate pudding without the added sugars!

Granola Bars – This recipe is great when you need to bring dessert or a fingerfood to share!  You can even customize it to reflect your teams’ colors!!



Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks – Enjoy the classic cheesy bread stick with NO CARBS!!  This veggie loaded appetizer is crowd-please FOR SURE!!!

Cauliflower “Potato” Salad – Creamy potato salad is a MUST for Game Day!  With a simple swap, you can enjoy it while feasting (unaware) on veggies without added fats or carbs.

Pepperoni Bread – If you are really craving some carbs and the taste of pizza, this recipe is PERFECT for helping you to control your portion sizes while increasing fiber!



Crack Chicken – This recipe is GREAT on whole wheat crackers or cloud bread!  Everyone will be sure to LOVE it without knowing how healthy it really is!!

Salsa chicken – You can’t go wrong with this SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER EASY recipe that uses 2 ingredients!!

Chili – If hotdogs are on your menu, this chili is GREAT as a topping. It’s also WONDERFUL by itself and is LOADED with (hidden) veggies!!

Rotisserie Chicken – Hosting a sit down meal or a bigger crowd? Rotisserie chicken is ALWAYS a crowd-pleaser!!

Party Meatballs – While this recipe isn’t exactly “clean”, it sure is DELICIOUS!!!

Pulled Pork BBQ – Don’t waste the money (and salt) by ordering BBQ from the local restaurant, make your own with this SIMPLE recipe!!


Eggplant Pizza – This is a great recipe for personal-pan style pizza!

Pepperoni Pizza Chicken – This “pizza” chicken is loaded with so much flavor that you won’t even miss the carbs!!

Pizza – Gotta have pizza? Try this recipe!

Pizza Casserole – This casserole has ALL the flavors of pizza but is loaded with veggies (and no carbs!)!!

Enjoy the GAME!! And my your team (and health) WIN!!!

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