My Christmas Dinner Menu

People often ask me if I stay true to my “diet” during the holidays.

My initial answer is NO because I’m not on a “diet”.

However, I do try to eat clean throughout the holidays and watch my portion sizes. I find it to be quite simple when I PLAN AHEAD!  I can still enjoy delicious food that my family and I enjoy without feeling over-stuffed or having an overwhelming sense of defeat and guilt from overeating or sugar overload. I can also have everything prepped ahead of time so my time in the kitchen is MINIMAL (only about 30 minutes before dinner and prep takes about 1 hour the day before.)

So, what is on my menu this year? Well, let me share it with you!

Main Dish

We will be enjoying ham for Christmas this year. Crockpot Ham is a great way to enjoy delicious food while still enjoying family time.
5 sliced

Side Dishes

At the request of my 7 year old son, we will be having mashed cauliflower. I love being able to incorporate veggies in a traditional family-favorite dish. (Also, my son REFUSES to eat mashed potatoes…he’ll only eat mashed cauliflower. Go figure)
5 plated

My husband requested two things: cauliflower stuffing and dinner rolls. These are both easy dishes to make, so I am happy to oblige. The cauliflower stuffing is a great way to incorporate a variety of veggies in a flavorful dish.
9 plated

Dinner rolls have been a staple side dish at every holiday meal since I met my husband over 11 years ago. Being able to throw the ingredients into the breadmaker and then smell them while they bake is simple and DELICIOUS!  Plus, everyone can help to roll them out!
11 plated


No holiday meal is complete without dessert. Both my husband and my son have requested pumpkin pie, so that’s what we’re having! I make this pie the day before and hope that no one sneaks a taste before dinner. Even though we had pumpkin pie at my parents’ house at Thanksgiving, my son pointed out the extreme sweetness from the sugar and asked for my version for Christmas.  (Although, I secretly wonder if part of his motivation is for pumpkin pancakes for breakfast!!)
8 plated

Of course, I’ll have raw veggies and fresh fruit to snack on during the day as we open gifts, play games, and watch football.

What’s on your menu for Christmas this year?

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christmas menu

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