Book Review: “Storm Sisters”

“At some time or other we will all need – or need to be – a “storm sister”.

We need friends. God created us to live this life with other people. We can’t do it alone, especially when we through the storms of life.

In her book, Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons, Afton Rorvik candidly shares about the storms in her life and how she learned the importance of having Christian friends (sisters) come along beside her and help her survive the difficult season. She also shares times when she able to come beside a fellow friend and help her ride out the storm.

Whether we’re going through a storm of physical illness, death of a loved one, death of a relationship, mental illness, or a spiritual trial, we need sisters to come beside us and guide us through that season. It will look different in each situation, whether it’s babysitting, cooking meals, praying, talking, crying, laughing, admonishing, etc. But as each raindrop falls, our sisters help to hold the umbrella over our heads.

In each chapter of Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons, Rorvik provides questions for self-reflection to challenge us to be honest with ourselves about what we need and what needs others have. She also provides a great study guide in the back of the book that is perfect for individual or small group use. She poses challenging questions and even provides Scripture and Bible examples to study to help us prepare to weather the storms of life and to help others through their storms.

If you need an encouraging book or motivation to reach out to others, I highly recommend reading Storm Sisters: Friends Through All Seasons by Afton Rorvik. But be sure to grab the box of tissues…you’re GOING to need it!!

**This is an independent book review. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for my individual opinions of this book.**

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Storm Sisters review

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