Impairment or Empowerment?

Life is hard.
Can I get an “Amen”?!?

Sometimes it seems that you’ve just moved past a huge obstacle, only to have another one thrown at you. Sometimes, these obstacles aren’t temporary roadblocks for some type of“construction”. They become permanent detours in our lives.

Has that ever happened to you?

There have been many times in my life when God has allowed challenges to overwhelm me. When my son was 7 months old and I was told I had cancer, I felt as if my world has collapsed. After enduring multiple surgeries, scans, tests, and 12 rounds of chemotherapy, I felt like I had conquered the world…only to be pushed down again and again, year after year, with “new” health issues. I wanted to give up. . And then justwhen I thought I had all of my physical health issues under control, the mental health issues began to rise only to be followed by more physical health issues. 

As I have recently been ordered to “rest” , I’ve had more time to think about what God may be trying to teach me through all of these challenges that seem to come into my path.

What if I changed the way I viewed them?

What if instead of looking at my cancer and fatigue diagnosis as a “death sentence” I chose to view it as a “license to live”? What if I let my “impairment” become His empowerment?

You see, I could simply resolve myself to the fact that I will always have health issues (physical and mental) and decide that God can’t use me anywhere or in any way. I could decide to post up on the couch and live life through the characters on the TV screen. I could watch other people live their lives around me and through social media and feel sorry for myself.


I could try to discover ways I can live for God from my couch. How can I make an impact for the Kingdom instead of just an imprint on my couch cushion? I could empower other people through the words He gives me and His Word by using social media. I could determine that my impairments can be ways that He shows His awesome power to those around me and those who read these words.

I’m choosing to not let the medical diagnosis I’ve received (and will probably continue to receive) stop me from doing WHATEVER God has chosen for me to do. I’ve learned that I need to change the expectations I’ve set for myself and let Him direct my steps, trusting Him to use me for His glory and my good. I’m desperately trying to be faithful to Him, knowing that what He’s calling me to do today may not be what He wants me to do tomorrow, next week, or next year. I’m learning to live ONE DAY AT A TIME, and follow Him instead of my selfish desires.

Have you been knocked down lately? Have you experienced an unexpected diagnosis? Don’t despair!  God could be using this “death sentence” as away to give you permission to live…for Him!

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