Book Review: “BECOMING MORE Than A Good Bible Study Girl”

Oftentimes, when I’m struggling with a specific issue in life, I will try to find a “self-help” book that will teach more effective strategies to solve my problems. But the problem with THAT strategy is that no book can fix my issues. Yet, in our society, the “self-help” industry is booming but people are still struggling.

In BECOMING MORE Than A Good Bible Study Girl, Lysa TerKeurst reminds readers that simply reading a book will not help you. The only book that has the possibly of guiding you in life is The BIBLE. But simply reading the Bible will not help you…you have to do what it says.

In BECOMING MORE Than A Good Bible Study Girl, TerKeurst discusses six areas in life where we try to “do” and go through the motions of the Christian life, but we may not necessarily be growing. She challenges readers to become more than a good Bible study girl in the your heart, in your walk with God, in your relationships, in your struggles, in your thoughts, and in your calling. She addresses issues such as learning how to make a Bible passage come alive during your devotional time instead of simply reading it. She helps you to replace doubt, regret, and envy with truth, confidence, and praise. She points out strategies to help stop the unhealthy cycles of striving and truly learn to love who YOU are and what YOU have been given. She helps you discover how to have inner peace in security in any situation and how to sense God responding to your prayers.

I recently read through this book with a group of ladies from my church. We all wanted to take what we were learning in church and Sunday school and live it out in a bolder way. We wanted to stop going through the motions of what “good Christians” should do and truly experience God every day in our everyday life…not just during an inspirational concert or sermon. It was a quick and simple read but had profound impact on all of us. We had a wide variety of personalities and life stages represented in our group, from the college student, to the stay at home mom, to the working mom, to the mom of college students. It was great to see how these principles can be applied to all stages of life and to see each person struggle with HOW to apply these truths.

I read through this book when I was going through a stressful time in my life (you can read about that here). It opened my eyes to how to deepen my relationship with God and with others even while enduring my struggles. It helped me to truly read the Bible and apply those truths to my everyday life while reaching out to others and following God’s will for my life.

I loved how TerKeurst repeatedly pointed out throughout the book how we make a choice with whether or not we will apply the truths we learn in the Bible or if we will simply read the Word and cross it off of our ” Christian to-do” list that we carry around and bear its burden from day to day. When we become more than a good Bible study girl and apply these truths of Scripture to our everyday lives, we will live a life filled with freedom, joy, and thanksgiving even during those difficult struggles and relationships.

To become more than a good Bible study girls, we have to find that deeper connection between what we know in our heads and our everyday reality. It’s only then that we will personally experience God’s presence. And when we do, we learn that they adventure God has in store for your life might just blow you away.

This book is great to read as an individual or as a small group. The chapters are short, the stories are interesting, captivating, and relevant. The truths are applicable to all…if only we make the choice and determine to live out the commands of Jesus in our everyday lives.

**I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for my opinions on this book. This is an independent book review.**

becoming more

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