Do you ever feel forgotten? I have. In fact, I remember  a time when I was forgotten. I was 15 and was a lifeguard but I wasn’t old enough to drive. So, my mom would take me to work and pick me up…except that time she forgot to pick me up. Cell phones weren’t around back then (or at least I didn’t have one) and I was too prideful to go back into the building to use the phone to call home, so….I walked home, all 10 very long miles…in flip flops.

Anyways…enough about me. I’m sure there have been times in your life when you felt forgotten. Maybe you were left out of something, like when you didn’t get invited to that birthday party or picked for the team during recess. Or maybe you’ve felt forgotten when you had to wait FOREVER at the doctor’s office.

Do you ever think that Jesus forgets about you? Maybe He doesn’t answer your prayers as quickly as He answers everyone else’s. Maybe He doesn’t give you those miracles that others experience. I think maybe Jarius might have felt forgotten by Jesus.

Jarius’ story is in Matthew 9:18-26. Jarius was a leader, a ruler, whose daughter had just died. He came to Jesus and humbled himself and knelt before Him. He makes his request for Jesus to raise his daughter. Jesus agrees to go with him.

At this point, if you’re Jarius, you’re probably thinking, “This is REALLY going to happen!” You’re probably pretty excited. Has this ever happened to you? Do you ever have the feeling of “NOW is the time”?

But then Jesus gets interrupted by a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. How do you think Jarius felt when Jesus took the time to heal the woman? I may have thought, “Well, that’s all the miracles Jesus had for today. I guess He can’t help me.” Of course, we know that’s not the case. We know the end of the story. Jesus does heal Jarius’ daughter.

But, let’s take a moment and think about this story from the woman’s perspective. She had had this problem for 12 years…12 long miserable, lonely, exhausting years! Do you think she felt hopeless or forgotten? Her feelings may not have been that much different from how Jarius and his wife felt.

We often hear, “Jesus is our hope”. My husband will quote his favorite pastor who would say, “If you’re here today without Jesus and without hope…” But you know, it’s true. If you don’t have Jesus, you don’t have hope.

Jesus doesn’t forget about us. While it’s true that we may not receive the types of miracles today that Jarius and the woman experienced, Jesus is still our hope in being our salvation.

So, dear friend, if you feel forgotten, just look to the Jesus. He’s right there and will never forget you!

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